Alpha 2.0 Update

This is a pretty big update for Scrambled! It gives the game a bit of a visual overhaul as well as a proper tutorial. Some new content and changes to gameplay mechanics are present as well.


  • Added a tutorial that teaches all the basic controls with supporting visuals
  • Added a new level that is the new first level of the game
  • Changed UI to a neon style
  • Remade backgrounds for a more hand drawn look
  • Added a results screen that shows how you performed during a level
  • Replaced the awkward block with a parry! Now you can deflect enemy attacks with ease
  • Added new death sprites for eggs
  • You now get currency from clearing bird mode
  • You now keep the money you gather during a level even when dying
  • Added different sounds for different birds
  • Dodging now costs a little stamina
  • Added input icons for different input methods, with a choice of which to show
  • Changed visuals of the timer in hard mode
  • Fixed bug where combo text didn't get grey when hit
  • Minor fixes and tweaks


Scrambled Alpha 2.0 92 MB
Dec 19, 2019

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